January 9, 2010

Omega 3 in your plate.

Nothing beats the blues like Omega 3. Seeing the state of the world, it should be made into a compulsory supplement.

Been reading the news again - and I need mega doses of Omega3 to survive the blues coming from this endless cycle of violence specially in, around, directed at this bloody Middle East-- more like the Arab and Muslim world.

Can't handle no more of it. Will cook instead some Fish, the natural source of Omega3

Can't find fresh fish here, so I settle for some simple frozen cod filet. Cod is easy to cook, not too greasy and not too expensive.

Thaw the thing - obviously. I also wash it. I wash everything actually. Fish included.

Marinate itfor 30mn in: some fresh lemon juice (not too much but enough to give that lemony flavor), ground cumin or keemun, a bit of salt, pepper, crushed garlic, a dash of olive oil, and I also add a bit of curry for the color and flavor.

Pre-heat oven, place fish in foil paper, and add some fresh cilantro leaves on top. Fold the whole thing but leave space for fish to breath, do not tightly wrap it, you need to let the fish cook in its own juices.

Cod is cooked quickly, so if you need a side dish, prepare it in advance. I usually add steamed vegetables, preferably potatoes on which I put a little olive oil and fresh dill.

That should beat your blues for today. Bon appétit.

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