December 12, 2010

Carrot Rice.

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We've discussed rice before. You can do a lot with rice. And I've already given you recipes for rice with lentils, rice with green fava beans, rice salad (see blog) and tonight it's going to be carrot rice.

There are two ways to prepare carrot rice, one with minced meat and one without. Will start without the meat, because I promised two friends on Twitter that I will give them the recipe tonight to go with the chicken liver (see chicken liver recipe)

In this rice dish, you can use either sliced carrots or shredded carrots. I prefer the latter with no meat. And will give you later the recipe with sliced carrots and meat

So let's stick with shredded for tonight.

For one cup of BASMATI rice. (not pre boiled, not pre cooked. REAL Basmati) you'll need one MUG of shredded carrots. So let's start ..

Preparation for two persons:

- wash 1 CUP of  rice thoroughly and let it soak in cold water
- heat about 1/2 tbs of cooking oil in a non stick saucepan
- stir in your shredded carrots
- add 1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon
- salt to taste
- 3 cardamom grains (optional but gives it a wonderful aroma)
- add the drained rice only when you smell the mixture of carrot and cinnamon whiffing up - a sign that it's time to add rice. (Do not overcook the carrots before. Just enough for them to take flavor of cinnamon and cardamom)
- add one cup of boiling water
- stir gently ONCE (otherwise rice gets gooey)
- let it boil ONCE only
- lower heat to a minimum and leave it to cook until all water is absorbed
- if you feel that the grain is still hard, just sprinkle a little more hot water.

To be served with the chicken liver recipe here.


Carrot rice with minced meat / to be continued...