July 10, 2012

Chaï in Arabic, Tea in English.

I am a coffee addict but also a tea addict, and nothing gives me more pleasure than concocting my own mix.
Tea is a wonderful drink. and is a powerful anti-oxydant.
I noticed something when in the desert, Bedouins, drink hot tea in the desert heat! I was then told that drinking something ice cold in the heat will actually make you thirstier...besides in traditional Chinese and Arabic medicine,a body suffering from heat, should not be given something very cold to drink but something hot or lukewarm.

Anyways this is my two cents worth regarding the benefits of tea. As usual if you are new to my blog I will ask you to read my welcome note first, but since today it is not an edible recipe but a drinking one, I do not expect you to feed one (or more persons) in return but will encourage you to offer a drink of something (preferably non alcoholic) to one or more...

Now for my tea concoction. Yes it is absolutely delicious, very scented, aromatic and a bit of an aphrodisiac.

Let's get started.

Drinking tea is an art, choose your favorite cup/glass, teapot for the full experience. Sit back, relax and sip,   let your senses do all the tasting...

In a small non stick saucepan mix the following :

- 3 whole grains of cardamom (crack them a little)
- 1/4 stick of Cinnamon
- 4 cloves
- a generous pinch of dried rose petals (the edible ones - can be found in any herbal shop)
- a small pinch of Saffron threads
- good quality BLACK tea ( Ceylon, Lipton etc won't do it - you need real Black tea preferably loose or one tea bag like Tetley / PG tips or English Breakfast by Twinnings)

Mix all your spices and add boiling water - bring it to boil once and leave it to simmer on a medium low heat for a few minutes, until all the aroma is out. Your water by now should be looking kind of brownish.
Add your black tea and leave it to simmer one or two minutes, you need it strong.

Using a sieve, drain it, add some milk and sugar and enjoy.

If you have any of the mixture left, you can guard it in a flask for 24 hours or for another cuppa.

Enjoy !