May 16, 2012

Easy Sardines Salad

I love Salads but I hardly touch salads that I haven't prepared myself.  So the only salads I eat are the home made ones.  Period. And yes am finicky when it comes to food preparation.

This simple recipe came by itself. I didn't have much to start with but had a pack of frozen green beans, a couple of potatoes,  one hot red chili, garlic and found two cans of sardines in spicy oil. Enough to make a  lovely salad which am about to share with you.

But first you must know by now what you need to do ----> read my welcome note.

For two you will need the following

- 2 medium sized boiled potatoes. Wash potatoes (obviously) and boil them WITH skin.
-  about 300 grs of frozen green beans (you can use fresh ones naturally if you do, split them in two and remove both head and tail of bean use scissors)
- 2 cloves of garlic minced (not crushed)
- half a red chili minced
- 2 cans of sardines - discard the oil. Opting for sardines in spicy oil will complement the taste.
- a dash of paprika
- salt to taste
- a squeeze of fresh lemon juice
- a handful of fresh chopped parsley
- a generous pinch of dried mint.
- 1 tbs of olive oil


- once potatoes boiled, rinse them in cold water, and wait till they cool down. Do not peel and cut into pieces while hot because they will break. Do that once the potatoes are cold
- boil beans adding salt, minced garlic, minced  chili , once cooked drain them and leave them to cool.
- in a large bowl, mix the beans and cut potatoes, add the paprika, parsley, dried mint, olive oil, lemon juice and mix gently.
-- top it with the sardines and you can mix it once more or just leave the sardines on top.
And voilà

It's delicious.

Bon appétit